Smiley360: Sharing Tools and Missions

I recently started as a product reviewer and want to share how others can do the same. Hopefully this blog post will be as helpful as my previous post about Influenster.  Smiley360 and Influenster are similar in that they are both free resources for trying out products before you buy and for giving feedback to the brands.

Missions = Campaigns
The product campaigns are called “Missions”, located on the right side of the Dashboard. Similar to Influenster, you can earn badges by completing these campaigns, making it more likely that you will get even more campaigns. Currently, I am on the “Lights, Camera, Action” mission, which is geared towards helping members learn how to use the Smiley360 website.

Sharing tools = Social media
“Sharing tools” allow you to earn points and unlock the badges. There are different types that are mostly self-explanatory: Facebook, Facebook Page, Photo to Facebook, Twitter, Photo to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog Review, Face2Face, SmileyConnect, E-mail, etc. The sharing tool I am using for this post is called “Blog Review”.


What’s your favorite Sharing Tool on Smiley360 and why?

My favorite Sharing Tool usually depends on the mission as different missions can have different Sharing Tools. For example, I have a mission for probiotics coming up and I am just waiting for the product to arrive. When it does, I plan to share it with friends offline (called “Face2Face”) and with other consumers via the Smiley360 discussion threads (“Smiley Connect”). I also like to post on my Instagram feed, so follow me on Instagram for more updates!

How has connecting your social media accounts to the Sharing Tools helped you earn and complete more Smiley360 Missions?

Connecting my social media has helped me with missions because I am able to unlock more Sharing Tools and earn more points towards the badges. For example, I created new accounts for Facebook and Twitter during my “Smiley360 Introduction Mission” to earn all 55 points for the badge. Building a following takes time but don’t be discouraged! I am happy to have a community of like-minded followers that are very kind and supportive. Speaking of which, follow me on any social media platform and I will follow back!

How do you create and share great content on your Missions? Share your top tips for writing a detailed post, taking a quality photo, or recording an engaging video.

I share my honest, personal opinion in hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. For a detailed post, I think about what questions I might have and try to provide answers for those. I do my best to make my post relatable and informative.

For a quality photo, lighting and composition is key. I pick a focal point and a clean background. I think of an inspiring message I want to share and try to build on how I can convey that. Personally, I’m not a fan of overly filtering photos and prefer a more natural look. An example is this picture where I am hoping to inspire others to find ways to drink healthy even on a busy schedule (I receive the featured product for free through Smiley360). It was the first Instagram photo I shared with Smiley360 so I was ecstatic when they reposted it!

As far as an engaging video goes, I am a newbie myself. I just finished making my own DIY ring light today, but I’m still a bit self-conscious about my first video. Stay tuned on my YouTube and/or Instagram for that! My username for both is the same as my blog name–ExploreBeautyXO. Feel free to share any tips about filming videos, editing videos, or even your YouTube link so we can support each other!

EDIT: Here’s my video posted on YouTube: Would appreciate any likes, comments, shares, and subscribers! Also will comment and subscribe back!

Are you a member of Smiley360? Even if not, do you have any tips on sharing great content?

Disclaimer: This blog post is written as an entry for the “Lights, Camera, Action” contest on Smiley360.


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