Influenster: VoxBoxes and VirtualVoxes

Good morning darlings! I’m posting back to back today because I got a ton to catch up on. For those who aren’t familiar, Influenster is a company that sends free samples in exchange for honest reviews. Click here if you’d like to sign up and sync your Facebook–don’t worry, they shouldn’t post without your permission.

I wanted to share tips for new users and my experience with it so far.

Impact Score: Again, Facebook!
Connecting social media is the first thing to do. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Four Square, Google Plus, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, maybe a different blogging site, email referrals. Connect it all! The bigger your following, the higher your score will be. And the higher your score, the more products you’re more likely to receive. I started from scratch because I wanted to give my existing feed an option to follow or not. You can always build your following though it does take time. Speaking of which, check out my social media links!

Badges: Be active!
Download the app. Scan the barcode, take a picture, and write a review. You can start with products you already own. Go through your makeup bags, your kitchen fridge, your medicine cabinet, etc. Reviewing and participating in the Q&A community will unlock more badges, which in turn qualify you for even more badges through campaigns! Sometimes the app can be glitchy so when this happens, I check out the website through my laptop instead.

Demographics: Who knows.
Each campaign has a target demographic which usually isn’t disclosed to members. It could be open to US residents only or Canada residents only. Perhaps a certain skin type. Perhaps consumers of a certain store. Compared to other sites, you don’t “apply” for campaigns on Influenster. Sometimes you may not get a campaign you really want. This past month I’ve heard of several high-end beauty launches that I’d really love to join and I’m hoping that there are more invitations to come.

Campaigns: Prizes!
Check your e-mail since this may be preceded by “snaps” which are basically surveys. Completing activities within a campaign will result in badges and a chance to win prizes. I have received six campaign invitations from Influenster so far:

  1. Beach Bash VirtualVox
  2. Olay at Walmart VirtualVox
  3. Maybelline NY VoxBox
  4. Origins GinZing VoxBox
  5. Hourglass Confessions VirtualVox
  6. Beauty Awards 2017 Virtual Vox (Post 1 and Post 2)

Unlike VoxBoxes where products are sent by mail, VirtualVoxes tend to focus on product displays and first impressions at the store. They are also campaigns, so you can win badges and prizes as well.

Final Thoughts: My experience on Influenster so far has been great. Getting a VoxBox in the mail always brightens up my day. It’s like a little present!

I am excited to see what campaigns I will get in the future and share them with you all. Hopefully it’ll be more makeup and skincare; maybe even some pet products for my little Yorkie Poo. Maybe some jeans or even a Keurig 😉

The “Beauty Awards” are coming up soon and they are taking nominations for 45 different categories. You can nominate your favorites too! Follow me on Instagram for updates on that. I follow back on other social media too.


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