08Liter Review: Skin’s Boni strawberry brightening pack (peel-off facial mask)

This is my first official adventure into Korean beauty though I’ve heard amazing things about it. When I first got the notification that I would receive this product, I was ecstatic! I eagerly awaited the mail and am happy to share my first product review with 08Liter.

First Impression:  I LOVE the packaging! It is absolutely adorable (see more pictures in my Instagram post) and looks like a yogurt pack. It is small and convenient to store.


Scent: There is a very faint, subtle strawberry smell which I like. Some peel-off masks have strong, overpowering chemical smells that usually don’t work well with sensitive skin. Luckily that’s not a problem here.


Consistency: The formula has a thick, creamy consistency that is very sticky. The yogurt pack comes with a plentiful amount of formula which is more than enough to cover the entire face.


PRO TIP: I would advise pulling your hair back to make sure you don’t accidentally pull out hairs. Make sure to avoid the eye and mouth area as well.


Peel-Off: The mask started drying around 20 minutes but I waited a little longer since I applied a very thick layer to use the entire pack. The peel-off process wasn’t as painful compared to other masks I’ve tried, and it was easy to do. My skin felt smoother and was visibly brighter after using it.


Final Impression: I absolutely adore and would recommend!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from 08Liter for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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